Mon Petit Zoréol

   The brand Mon Petit Zoreol originated in Paris in the summer of 2014 by a talented designer, Audrey. The brand brings out decorative ideas with a great sense of style and good taste. The idea came to her when she was pregnant with her son and wanted to decorate his room. She started by making posters and came up with original and functional storage ideas of the easily customizable paper bags featuring her own illustrations. Dedicated to creating home deco items, paperbags and garlands, in My Small Zoreol, everything is done with love and attention.

   Audrey proposes decorative objects for your interior: objects that embellish your room, that of your kids, living room, kitchen, office. Her signature product is the paperbag unique and customized by her in Paris. Great for storing the lil bazaar of daily life, it will become a part of your child's life. Ecofriendly, fun and durable.

   Audrey also creates strings of beads made of natural wood and garlands with colored felt wood beads to decorate your walls by simply suspending them. You can customize the arrangement with photos, drawings, postcards and clothes.