Louise Misha - The Wonderful Story of a Parisian Girls' Clothing Brand

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 Louise Misha Girls White Pink Floral Embroidered Fringe Long Sleeve Irene Vest


all around the world, people wear clothing to not only cover and protect their bodies, but to decorate and draw attention to themselves. clothing is also very much a part of a child's world. children feel better and act more confident when they are wearing something that makes them look good, especially if it is something new! Children are also very observant and notice each other's clothing.

there is a fine line between allowing your children to express their personal style, and making sure they look acceptable to step outside of the house. the minute you've established that underwear is not outerwear, the mission remains: looking cool, different, and original.

louise misha is a premium parisian-based children's clothing designer, with high quality products for little cosmopolitans. it was the celebration of individuality and style that inspired aurelie remetter and marie pidancet to create louise misha in january of 2012. Louise misha is known as a line of elegant and soft children clothing, with origins in paris, france. the line is filled with exotic oriental influences, as the founders got their inspiration from travels to india.

the two good friends started out in 2012 with a line of handmade jewelry for little girls from 2 to 10 years old. little by little, the ready-to-wear and accessories collections came along. today, mums can find lovely scarves, hair clips, head bands, bags, and cushion covers for their children. in 2014, louise misha expanded into women's clothing, so mums are now able to find unique designs for themselves, as well! louise misha has created an entire world that offers something special to both children and their mothers.

the brand was built around the idea of having comfortable, well-made, colorful, and dreamy clothing for children, while allowing the little ones to be creative and feel at ease in the way they dress. aurelie and marie have surely succeeded in doing that.

louise misha was created after a voyage to india, in order to prolong the adventure. the vivid colors and scents of delhi gave them the inspiration that was necessary to follow their dreams. with the knowledge gained through their work experience, further united by their complicity, they decided to design their own line of clothing, jewelry, and accessories for little girls. the label name, Louise misha, is meant to create a familiar feeling and sense of family to the brand. it was inspired by their family memories and the things that have been passed down to the two women from earlier generations. they were influenced by their grandmothers; one, a comedienne grandmother that spent her life on the road, loving arts and crafts, and making cute little rag dolls, and the other, a tzigane great grandmother who wove wicker baskets. They were also, of course, influenced and inspired from a mother's tenderness and love.

aurelie remetter and marie pidancet remember the start of their brand: "we are 2 friends, and it is while we were on a trip in india that we decided to create our brand, louise misha. because we are both really close to our family, the label's name itself comes from a dear grandmother called 'louise' and a beloved mother nicknamed 'misha'. our universe is all about bohemian style, nostalgia and softness. inspired by our travels and vintage details, our first collection was launched in winter 2012, and was exclusively composed of jewelry for little girls. little by little, louise misha has grown to become a full line of ready to wear jewelry and accessories for little girls. then in 2014, the women's collection was born. that is how our great adventure started!”

their elegant creations are full of colors and sensitivity, and are the dream of all girls! the creators of this french brand have a great talent at designing the perfect styles for girls who like to look pretty, and this shows by their worldwide success. their goal was to create outfits, adorable jewelry, and accessories for little girls with a vintage feeling that's full of nostalgia and encourages self-expression. All louise misha jewelry and accessories are handmade and created in their paris workshop. louise misha is a chic and stylish, poetic and playful, simply gorgeous range of clothing, jewelry and accessories for little girls with free spirits!

all the collections have a romantic and nostalgic flare. the winter 2015 collection mixes eclectic notes, inspired by nomadic people, with "vintage" details in a subtle harmony that gives the creations a refined gypsy feel. everything evolves in a sweet universe, timeless, full of nostalgia and joy.

louise misha was featured in papier mache magazine in june 2014, with an interesting interview with aurelie and marie. the brand was also featured in babiekins magazine, a magazine for the trend setting child, in January 2016. Their series of enchanting creations has also been seen in milk magazine.

Through the designs of their summer 2016 collection, aurelie and marie invite us to dream in a wild garden, laze in a french boudoir, and follow the scent of spices in the streets of a village in the heart of rajasthan. the elements of this collection capture the eclectic and casual elegance which is the essence of the brand; powdery colors, sweet prints, and vintage touches. their creations for little girls are delicate, unique, and an invitation to travels, souvenirs and romanticism.

the latest collection features beautiful designs, ranging from casual trousers to special occasion dresses. the passion for detailing and children's fashion is evident throughout this incredibly beautiful collection.

check out the louise misha girls white pink floral embroidered fringe long sleeve irene vest. This style is a gorgeous white long sleeved vest from the french designer. this chic and whimsical gilet has light pink floral embroidery and three quarter sleeves. fringe trimmed detailed edges add extra cuteness.

another adorable creation is the louise misha girls citron yellow fringed lace trim hem back tassel dress. featuring spaghetti straps, a gathered tassel detail at the back, and a cute fringed lace trim hem, this style makes for a lovely summery lightweight dress. it is made from 100% cotton lurex, a soft and breathable fabric.

Louise Misha Girls Citron Yellow Fringed Lace Trim Hem Back Tassel Dress       

the louise misha girls fuchsia leaf pattern allover braided detail malou dress is something really special. the botanical theme print of this delicate summery high-waisted dress features a leaf print and braided detailing. a cute bow has been added in the back, for extra sweetness. this is a lovely lightweight dress, with a chic girly flair. it is made from 100% cotton.

Louise Misha Girls Fuchsia Leaf Pattern Allover Braided Detail Malou Dress


for your little fashionista, louise misha offers quality garments carefully thought through by two talented parisian designers, aurelie remetter and marie pidancet. shop their unique designs at apple-baby.com